Yoga for mind, body and soul.

Yoga seems to be everywhere. But what are its benefits for our daily life? Lisa, a professional yoga teacher and nutrition coach shares her knowledge about yoga and what it has in store for every one of us. Pics: ©Eva Kelety

Do you remember when you first heard about yoga?

I learned about yoga through a colleague in 2007 – over 11 years ago. It was on the beach of Punta Cana where I first practiced yoga.

Your thoughts on the rise of yoga?

In my opinion the popularity of yoga is constantly increasing. That’s because Yoga is not only for the body but for the mind too. We’re living in an age where we’re constantly surrounded by information, where time seems to be a limited resource. This leaves many people overwhelmed and stressed. Which, in the worst-case can lead to a feeling of exhaustion, irritation and physical or mental blocks. Yoga definitely can help to counteract and concentrate on the essentials. By practising yoga you are able to turn the focus on what you and your body really need. (more relaxation techniques here.)

What are the specific benefits?

Yoga rebuilds our basic trust within ourselves. Our immune system gets stimulated and the inner organs are massaged and supplied with blood through practicing yoga. Also, our brain gets an extra dose of oxygen.

Yoga and meditation helps to centre your spirit and gain a better connection to your body and thoughts. It helps you to be more patient, focused and leaves you with a higher feeling of energy, strength and joy in your daily live. It might even encourage you to try out something new.

Yoga teacher Lisa.

What’s your focus in yoga?

I’m a nutrition coach, yoga teacher and I did several workshops on the philosophy and anatomy of yoga. One of my mentors was the author Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. I love to pass on her knowledge in my work with women and expecting mothers.

My focus lies on the anatomy of the body and its head-to-toe connection. Yoga for me is a tool helping people to develop more self-confidence and self-love.

How often do you practise?

Daily! However you should actually rest one day a week. But I don’t take it too serious, since I have two little kids. I try to combine yoga with my daily routines like for example cooking. Yoga is all about being in the present and honouring the moment. If you feel the need to change something approach it with love and awareness.

What does yoga has in store for you?

A lot: more stability, flexibility, creativity, strength, energy, focus, stamina, self-respect and more respect towards my surroundings, inner peace and tranquillity.

What would you recommend anyone willing to start with yoga?

Just try it. Try different styles and different teachers. Yoga is for everyone and everyone will be amazed by its benefits.

Yoga teacher Lisa.

What’s your favourite pose?

The philosophy of yoga says you shouldn’t have a single favourite one. If you feel like having one, you should better practise it less and focus more on other poses instead. We tend to only stay within our comfort zone. But yoga likes to get you out of it and challenge you to be open for the new and different.

How will the yoga lesson on the 20.1018 with elements of sport be like?

Starting with a small introduction to yoga, you’ll learn some relaxation and meditation techniques. We will then examine the sun salutations. This lesson will be a mix of strengthening and relaxing elements, the Yin and the Yang. So that you’ll leave the class strengthened, nurtured and at ease.

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