The first Elements of Sport activity

A day full of sunshine and amazing people – we couldn’t have wished for more at our first activity: a hike on Vienna’s mountains.

Hiking around Vienna.

The “Wanderweg 1a” is described as 3-4 hours walk. For us it was more like 3 hours – not including the picture stops of course 😉 After a short walk alongside the Danube, we made our way up the “Leopoldsberg”, by ascending the famous “Nasenweg” (a narrow and rather step walk with 380 meters of height). For first-time hikers, it’s profile might be a bit challenging. As a reward we had a picture perfect view on Vienna, followed by a walk alongside the “Höhenstraße”, to the Kahlenberg with another cracking view. Then we walked through vineyards where we stopped at a „Buschenschank“ (a wine tavern) for a little rest and finally descended to the Danube and got back to our initial starting point.

It’s all about the community.

Hiking might seem a bit old school compared to all the modern fitness trends. But we think it’s definitely a great way to spend time with good people and enjoy not only fresh air but the nature itself too. Walking at a moderate speed, you can still have nice conversations along the way. So we had plenty of time to get to know each other better. In the end we really walk together as a group, which was amazing.

Hiking is for everyone.

As we’re already thinking about our next event, we would like to take the chance to give hiking the reputation it deserves 😉 It’s not only cheap as you don’t need a lot of equipment, a hike is also easy to plan with the help of the internet. You can easily prepare your route in advance. Our recommendation would be to not only check the distance of your hike, but the altitude too.

We felt really happy after finishing the route and to be honest totally “zen” – except for our red and puffy faces J. Hiking is definitely a good way to escape the speed of the city and reconnect with yourself and your hiking-mates.

Thanks to all for coming along to our first event, the second soon to follow 😉


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