Tamy on board sports and mountain biking

All kinds of board sports and mountain biking: that’s what Tamy is passionate about. These sports are much more than just a passion though, since they taught her a lot and helped her develop valuable soft skills. In this interview she talks what being in a “flow” means to her, why a regular training routine is nothing she can handle and why it took a broken collar bone for Tamy to listen more to her body. Pics: Tamy and Friends

What does your training routine look like?

In fact, I do not have a strict training routine. As my sports are season related, it depends if it’s currently summer or winter. I try to keep myself fit and strong in general, but when it comes to following a strict training schedule, I’m definitely the wrong person. When it comes to sport, you can only improve by putting lots of time and effort into it, that’s obvious. However, as soon as I’m not getting better any more, I start losing motivation.

Riding is fun and makes me enjoy moments outdoors. It also helps me to improve my skills, but the best reason for riding would be that it gets me in a kind of „flow“.

Favourite training route?

Hmm, in winter definitely any powder snow / backcountry places and in summer mostly biking around Innsbruck.

How did you get into sport and your specific routine?

I guess my parents had a great influence on me. They were quite active and took us kids everywhere they went. I remember that back in the days my mum took us to the nearby piste (to be precise, a ski-area with only 3 T-bar lifts) after school. So we could ride our snowboards at least two hours per day. Plus every winter holiday we spent a whole week snowboarding. When this week was over, we couldn´t wait for the next holiday to come.

Later on, I experienced a little lack of motivation as a teenager, but luckily I was able to overcome it. I got hooked again quite quickly and since then I found my passion in board sports – or latest mountain biking.

For how long have you been doing sports and how regular are you doing sports?

I have always been into sport; not every sport was equally important to me though. It was only during this particular phase as a teenager that I wasn´t interested in active movement I guess. Now I try to get outdoors at least once a week depending on the weather conditions. During high season my focus is just on riding, in the off-season you will find me in the gym dreaming to get back out as soon as possible.

What makes you do sports?

It is a mixture of having fun, being outdoors with like-minded people, pushing my limits and learning new things. This all gets me into a „flow “… if you know what I mean. For me it is all about being present in the moment. This allows me to be really focused and to reach a point, where everything works out pretty easily. This is what I need to balance out my everyday life. It helps me to quiet my mind for few hours and to forget the issues from work. It’s my kind of reset.

How do you stay motivated to keep going with you training and not give up?

Sometimes I would like to know that special secret too and how others manage it. For me it’s important to find my own way of doing sports, as I only keep active for myself. The ironic thing about regular trainings is that whenever I’m not in the mood for sport, it is in fact the best time to go out and do something. For me it’s also important that I’m not too strict with myself. And if the motivation is in fact really super low, it might be the best to leave it. And start really motivated again on the next day, with fully recharged batteries.

Thoughts before, during and after a training?

If I just go to the gym it is usually something like:

  • Should I go? When was the last time I went?
  • What will I be training today? Which strengths exercises will I do?
  • Feeling great, done and glad I went. Plus I always wonder why I had to convince myself earlier on.

With riding it would be like:

  • Whoop where should I go, who is in and how much free time do I have available?
  • Ahh such an awesome day, could I please pause the time and freeze this awesome moment?
  • Stoked, feeling amazing and hoping for more great days like this to come.

How does board sports and mountatin biking influence your daily life?

More than I thought it would, actually. Through my activities, I was able to pick up soft skills and to transfer these qualities into my work or everyday life. When I was working at a big snowboarding company the main message was “we work like we ride”. It took me a bit to understand that there is so much truth behind this concept. As a snowboarder or mountain biker you are the only one in charge of your actions out there in the mountains. Plus keep in mind that your decisions are not only affecting you, but fellow riders too. For example, you need to be able to improve and adapt quickly to stressful situations outdoors. At work you can benefit from these qualities as well. Plus you can´t learn them at any university or school. That’s something only sport can really teach you.

Would you say you are competitive: when it comes to sport? In general?

That’s a hard question. To be true, I appreciate it way more to share my skills and to learn from others without any competition. Thinking back of race situations or little matches, I was never really able to achieve my full potential in that special moment. That’s a mental factor I have to work on a lot more in the future. It is also the reason why I started competing in free ride races. It’s about challenging myself when everyone is watching.

Is there anything positive or negative you would like to share?

The world would be a more relaxed and better place, if only we could get more people engaged with sports. Sport doesn’t question our origins; in fact it could help unite us.

What was your most memorable moment?

This would be something negative for now. It’s my long term injury I’ve had over the past few years. I broke my collarbone and have needed five surgeries up till now. Unfortunately it is still not fully healed, but I’m very lucky to be able to participate in my favourite sports. I have definitely learned to listen more to my body instead of the thoughts in my head. If an activity or rather a movement doesn’t feel right, I won’t push my body too hard in the future. Instead of risking another injury, I will give my body some rest.

If you weren’t into sports what would you be doing instead?

Good question. Despite my injury, I spent a lot of time outdoors and I found myself pondering on exactly the same question. I would probably do more arts and crafts – anything which allows me to put my mind to rest.

In five key words: What are the best things about your training you want to share with the readers?

Fresh air – frizzy hair – I don´t care 😉

Your favourite motivational quote?

Find your own way (or your own line)


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