Andreas on mountain biking trough Austrian summer months

A dedicated mountain biker in the Austrian summer months and avid backpacker through South America in Winter Andreas has been following this unconventional lifestyle for 14 years. Sport not only helps him to switch off from work but also to life a more balanced and satisfied live. By Christina Nettek

What does your practice routine look like?

I normally do daytrips, which are 4-7 hours long. These are mostly off-road trails above the treeline in alpine terrain. I usually go uphill on forest roads and downhill on hiking trails and dried out river beds.

What are your favourite routes?

The surroundings of Vienna, especially the Eastern Alps.

For how long have you been doing sport and how regular are you mountain biking?

To tell you the truth, I have been following my routine since 14 years. So I go for a ride once a week, starting in spring and ending in autumn. I also go for several excursions around Austria during this time plus, I take a one-week trip to the Canary Islands every year. But I don’t ride during winter as I travel as a backpacker through South America.

Andreas in action, biking downhill.

Why are you working out?

Sport is my tool to stay healthy and fit – both physically and mentally. I use mountain biking to destress from work – being active in nature helps me to keep “my feet on the ground”.

How do you stay motivated?

Going mountain biking is always hugely satisfying and whenever I don’t have time for doing it, I truly miss my sport.

What are your thoughts before, during and after your practice?

Before: I’m really excited about the next ride.

During: I try to be really focused and enjoy the moment.

Afterwards: I’m always happy I did spend my time riding outdoors.

How does sport influence your daily life?

It helps me concentrate at work. In general, I’m more focused and more stress-resistant.

Would you say you are competitive when it comes to sport?

No, I just do it for myself.

Andreas taking a break during mountain biking and enjoying his well earned view.

Is there anything positive or negative you would like to share?

To put it simple: doing sport is just great!

What was your most memorable moment?

My trip to Nepal and staying at the Thorong La, a 5400 m mountain pass in Nepal with my bike.

If you weren’t into sport what would you be doing instead?

Working more 😉 as I’m self-employed.

Your favourite motivational quote?

I can get more satisfaction 😉


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