Expert Talk: How to reach your workout goals

Did you ever have difficulties committing to a workout routine? Do you wish to improve your performance and know which goals to set? Then this expert talk is for you. Eva’s not only a personal trainer, a passionate mountain biker, initiator of the “velochicks” (a cycling club for women) but a certified sport mental coach – which she became in order to overcome her very own fear of mountain bike-jumps. In this interview she not only explains to us how mental coaching works, but highlights three techniques to help you work on your goals.

Tamy on board sports and mountain biking

All kinds of board sports and mountain biking: that’s what Tamy is passionate about. These sports are much more than just a passion though, since they taught her a lot and helped her develop valuable soft skills. In this interview she talks what being in a “flow” means to her, why a regular training routine is nothing she can handle and why it took a broken collar bone for Tamy to listen more to her body.

Expert Talk: How to create your own sportswear brand in 5 steps

Did you ever want to know what it takes to develop a sportswear brand? What steps to think about from the very first idea to the finished product? And what kind of people to team up with? Well … then this interview is a must-read for you. We talked to Lukas who recently started his own label “Leiwand European Trail Wear”. For us, he breaks down the process into five steps, which – disclaimer – turn out to be useful for reaching nearly any goal, not only your own brand.