Expert Talk: Women only!

More and more women are taking to the saddle and discovering the joys of cycling. Although the sport is still dominated by men, gradually the boundaries are shifting. One reason for this is women’s bike clubs, a trend that is growing all over the world. So what motivates women to get together to pursue their passion on two wheels? We asked the founders of some of these clubs.

Expert Talk: energy bars the healthy way

In this Expert Talk, we will take a look at healthy sports snacks. We talked to Niki, an entrepreneur who runs her own business under the name of ‘Ni’s’. She told us about the perfect energy bar and all the ingredients that will keep you energized during and after exercise. Niki also shares her thoughts on developing a business in the health-food sector.

Expert Talk: How to reach your workout goals

Did you ever have difficulties committing to a workout routine? Do you wish to improve your performance and know which goals to set? Then this expert talk is for you. Eva’s not only a personal trainer, a passionate mountain biker, initiator of the “velochicks” (a cycling club for women) but a certified sport mental coach – which she became in order to overcome her very own fear of mountain bike-jumps. In this interview she not only explains to us how mental coaching works, but highlights three techniques to help you work on your goals.

Expert Talk: Let’s dance!

Movement is not only a blessing for mind, body and soul. It’s also beneficial for nurturing relationships and communities. For the integrative project „Tanz die Toleranz“ („Dance for tolerance“), movement and dance is essential for bringing people together from different cultures and backgrounds. For our expert talk we asked Monica Delgadillo-Aguilar (director of „Tanz die Toleranz“) how she and her dedicated team are using dance to invite everyone to art and culture.

Expert Talk: How to create your own sportswear brand in 5 steps

Did you ever want to know what it takes to develop a sportswear brand? What steps to think about from the very first idea to the finished product? And what kind of people to team up with? Well … then this interview is a must-read for you. We talked to Lukas who recently started his own label “Leiwand European Trail Wear”. For us, he breaks down the process into five steps, which – disclaimer – turn out to be useful for reaching nearly any goal, not only your own brand.