Expert Talk: Women only!

More and more women are taking to the saddle and discovering the joys of cycling. Although the sport is still dominated by men, gradually the boundaries are shifting. One reason for this is women’s bike clubs, a trend that is growing all over the world. So what motivates women to get together to pursue their passion on two wheels? We asked the founders of some of these clubs.

Expert Talk: energy bars the healthy way

In this Expert Talk, we will take a look at healthy sports snacks. We talked to Niki, an entrepreneur who runs her own business under the name of ‘Ni’s’. She told us about the perfect energy bar and all the ingredients that will keep you energized during and after exercise. Niki also shares her thoughts on developing a business in the health-food sector.

Maria on cycling

Cyclist in her free time, self-employed graphic designer to earn a living. Maria talks about how her physical activity trains not only her body but also her mind. She names important lessons that cycling has taught her and reveals why, although she trains quite intensely, she doesn’t perceive cycling as essential for her life.