Andreas on climbing

The building of friendships and spending time outdoors are the main reasons for Andreas’ love of climbing. It was also his friend – well his friend’s six pack to be more precise – that got him started. However, now that he has a family and a challenging job as a photographer means that there is less time for climbing. Nevertheless, he makes the most of it.

What does your practice routine look like?

I try to get outside and climb on rocks as much as possible, but I do it mostly for fun and don’t have a specific „practice routine“. Plus, due to a lot of work and a little kid I only have a limited amount of free time these days, so I am forced to practice my climbing in the gym – which I really don´t like – or do fingerboard training (strengthening of fingers on a wooden board) and/or pull-ups at home.

What are your favourite places for climbing?

Hmmm … there are so many good places around Vienna. My favourite place, however, is probably the Höllental, between Schneeberg and Rax. The scenery there is simply amazing and it’s perfect for multi-pitch climbing as well. Yes, that´s definitely the place I always like to go.

Andreas in climbing actionHow did you get into sports and climbing in particular? And how often do you go climbing?

To be honest, I was never much of a sports guy. Yet my history with climbing started ten years ago, in 2007, when I was living with my best friend. He had already been into climbing for a couple of years, watching movies and reading magazines – but back then it all seemed rather boring to me. However, when he got one of our friends into climbing and I saw him sporting a six pack, I decided to try it myself. I still haven´t managed the six pack part, but I lost at least 10 kilos and found climbing to be the best sport ever. And by the way, now that I am hooked, I bet I have seen almost every climbing video out there.

During my peak time you could find me climbing outdoors at least three times a week. Now it´s more like 1-2 times in two weeks – depending on the amount of work I have.

Why do you love climbing? And are you competitive when it comes to sport?

I guess the main reason I love climbing is because I love being outdoors. Moreover, climbing keeps my fully engaged and helps me to unwind. While climbing I solely focus on my next move and nothing else. I’m not a competitive person though.

How do you stay motivated?

Good question… mostly by watching climbing videos and by having the hope that I will have more time for climbing again one day.

What are your thoughts before, during and after climbing?

Before a session I’m usually like “Oh my God, I cannot wait to go!”. During climbing then thoughts like “shit, the next hold is so far away”, occur regularly. And then afterwards I’m mostly quite satisfied. Sometimes angry when I didn´t finish a single route … but mostly happy :-).

How do sports influence your daily life?

Climbing, to tell you the truth, influenced my daily life not only in a positive way. Since I am so hooked, I pretty much think about climbing all day long, which isn´t exactly a good thing when you are in a relationship. Moreover, a climbing session is more or less a full day trip and something you want to do when the weather is perfect. However, sunny days are also when your partner wants you to do something together and consequently it can be quite tricky to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Andreas climbing a steep wall

What was your most memorable moment?

When I did my first 7a in Spain a couple of years ago, which was always my goal. So when I finally did it, I was incredibly happy and proud of myself.

If you weren’t into sports what would you be doing instead?

I would have more time for taking pictures and of course I would also enjoy having more time with my family.

In three words: What are the best things about climbing that you want to share with our readers?

  • Strength: Climbing strengthens your whole body.
  • Friendship: Working out together is the magic ingredient for deep friendships.
  • Being outside: Spending time outdoors is good for your mind, body and soul.

Your favourite motivational quote?

To be honest, I don’t have one.