“Qi Gong changes my whole day for the better.”

Nine years ago Bianca just knew that she found her “thing”: Qi Gong – a way of exercising which is about re-connecting and balancing body, mind and soul. For Bianca it’s not about a sweaty workout, it’s more like re-energizing through becoming silent, awareness of the Qi and gentle moves. In this interview she explains the benefits of Qi Gong and provides three simple exercises that you can practice almost anywhere. Sounds interesting? Indeed!

Tamy on board sports and mountain biking

All kinds of board sports and mountain biking: that’s what Tamy is passionate about. These sports are much more than just a passion though, since they taught her a lot and helped her develop valuable soft skills. In this interview she talks what being in a “flow” means to her, why a regular training routine is nothing she can handle and why it took a broken collar bone for Tamy to listen more to her body.