Expert Talk: How to create your own sportswear brand in 5 steps

Did you ever want to know what it takes to develop a sportswear brand? What steps to think about from the very first idea to the finished product? And what kind of people to team up with? Well … then this interview is a must-read for you. We talked to Lukas who recently started his own label “Leiwand European Trail Wear”. For us, he breaks down the process into five steps, which – disclaimer – turn out to be useful for reaching nearly any goal, not only your own brand.

Nicole on Lacrosse

Nicole’s actual day job is in finance, but her true passion is Lacrosse. No day goes by without Nicole doing something connected with Lacrosse. That is because she’s not only playing on the field for the women’s team of the Vienna Monarchs, she’s also their captain and thus responsible for finance and organisation. How she became so involved and more or less fell in love with this niche sport? Well, read on.